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May 25, 2013
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ew gross by hanecco ew gross by hanecco
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Name: Cedany Thea

Species: Vampire

Gender: Female

Age: around 50 or 60 appears 19 or 22

Class: Scholar

Profession: Historian

Personality: She's air headed and a bit of a scatterbrain when it comes to anything that isn't relatable to the past or to the Kingdom itself, she rides herself for only minding those things for her head. She can be blunt and bland at times but generally is nice, she asks for lots of advice and seems confident of herself even when anyone could tell she fucked up. She never takes no for an answer and does what she likes if it isn't too terribly dangerous for her, she forces herself into things she shouldn't, and trusts anyone and everyone. Ditzy and bookish to sum it up vov

History: Cedany studied history since she was young and had parents whom also were scholars, she lived a cushy life and was well treated and set for high standings in her society in an older kingdom. Visiting church every day and practicing her studies at her kingdom, preparing to depart from her parents cottage and live closer to the kingdom to write down dates an important events for their history. She soon had moved the rest of her belongings from her old rooms and had taken a stroll of the perimeter of the castles land writing down details until late at dawn, she gathered her book and ink and was off to her new home crossing paths of people and stepping through shady areas, soon hearing the crow of pain from a corner ally, she went to assess and help whomever it was, regretfully stepping into the sights of a vampire whom had been luring her in, she was easily taken down and bitten near the collar. The vampire fled the kingdom and Cedany paid the price, waking up and burning in the sun, she attempted several times to stay in the kingdom, but sizzled and ashed her skin several times, soon catching the attention of the townspeople and being forced out by her church. She traveled to the Veneficio kingdom to find acceptance and resume her studies, she is crestfallen at the fact that she cannot enter places with much kindness and is distressed at her loss of church, yet she still tries to remain faithful.

-she forgets she cant go outside in the day and has red marks and burns allover her
-she's tried many times to enter the church but is taken out by others and or her own will
-resents herself for being a sinful creature
-goes through tons of clothes since she hunts wild animal at night and dirties her clothes
-chews off her nails and bites her fingers
-it takes her hours to get her hair done
-sometimes if it's urgent she puts on a hood and rushes to places
-has a small library in her home
-as a side hobby she likes to read about killers and assassinations from past histories and kingdoms
-sweeps some of her hair over her collar at times to cover up her bite
-pesters people who go to church to tell her about it

Theme Song:Time For us-Elsaine [link]

yells because gROSS
Ladeax3 May 28, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
im in love
AkuNoHana13 May 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like her :iconimhappyplz:
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